Vacuum Sealer MPZ-01


Unlike other storage methods, vacuum storage extends freshness and storage life of food up to 5 times.

When kept in vacuum-sealed bags, food is protected against ingress of air and bacteria which would otherwise spoil the product. Vacuum-stored food maintains its natural flavour, proper texture and an appealing appearance.

Vacuum packing is a great way to preserve and store food. It also helps manage the capacity of your home freezer and keep it sanitary: frozen vacuum-sealed products do not emit any odour and can be stored in serving portions for a more efficient, waste-free use.

Vacuum Sealer Intended use:

  • Vacuum-sealing of food in plastic bags for sous-vide cooking
  • Vacuum-sealing of food for refrigerated or frozen storage
  • Vacuum-sealing of non-food products, including maps or mobile phones to protection against moisture


  • vacuum sealing of soft and liquid products (including soups, patés and desserts). These food product should be frozen before vacuum sealing.
  • electronic control panel with LED indicators and 2-step control of:
  • vacuum level
  • seal welding time
  • sealing bar: 29 cm
  • lid lock buttons
  • non-slip rubber feet
  • seals products in commercially available ready-to-use bags or film from roll
  • accessory hose vacuum connector for air extraction from containers, bins, bottles etc. (accessories not included)


  • 10 knurled (embossed) film bags with dimensions of 25 x 30 cm, recommended for sous vide cooking


  • power supply: 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz
  • power: 110 W
  • vacuum pump pressure: -583 mmHg (-0.8 bar), +/- 5%
  • vacuum pump capacity: 12 l/min
  • EAN: 5903151001092

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