Deep fryer DF-802


I think everyone likes french fries. They fit all kinds of meat and fish and are a tasty home-made dinner. The DF-802 fryer has been equipped with a removable oil tank with anti-stick coating and an easy-to-clean removable filter that prevents excessive evaporation. The adjustable thermostat allows you to set the right temperature for frying your favorite dishes. Thanks to this, you can adjust the degree of roasting to your liking.

Deep fryer DF-802 will help you surprise your family every day and let you prepare not only delicious fries, so liked by children but also crispy legs, delicious fish or sweet donuts.


  • oil tank capacity max. 2,0 l
  • max load of 1 kg
  • heat regulation up to 1900C
  • the ability to latch the basket above the oil surface
  • on-line indicator light
  • desired temperature
  • excessive fogging
  • prevention filter
  • wight lid
  • thermostat
  • easy-clean removable lid


  • french fry basket with the ability to latch above the oil
  • surface to get rid of excess oil
  • removable oil container with non-stick cover


  • voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz
  • rated power: 1600 W
  • EAN: 5901308002244

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