Planet mixer MMR-12


  • variable speed
  • planet movement of attachments - great for aerating the dough
  • protection against turning on an incorrectly assembled device


  • stainless steel bowl with a volume of 4,2 l
  • additional bowl base a capacity of 4,2 l
  • dough hook -raised dough, pasta dough and dough for angel hair
  • whip for whipping light mixtures - products that must be well aerated: cream, egg whites, whole eggs, sponge cakes, butter and custard creams, mayonnaise.
  • agitator for mixing multi-ingredient mixtures: the ingredients of cakes, minced meat and fish, pates, grating cheese for cheesecake, whipping cooked potatoes for purée and thick creams
  • bowl cover - makes it easier to dispense the product during use and reduces splashing of liquid products
  • dough spatula


  • voltage: 220-240 V ~50 Hz
  • rating power: 350 W
  • maximum power: 1000 W
  • EAN: 5901308013486

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